Behind the curtains!

In order to move, we need the force of friction to ensure our grip on the ground. Without friction, cars, humans, and anything else can not move. Friction is a force that resists motion between two objects in contact.

Friction explained!

Did you know?

There is a vehicle called the hovercraft that can move both on the ground and one water as it has a layer of air cushion between the craft and the surface. This cushion prevents the craft from rubbing against the surface and creates any form of friction.

Astronauts on Precision Air Bearing Platform

In space, we have little friction due to microgravity. It is hard for astronauts to move in space, because walking is as good as walking on a slippery surface on which we keep falling back. The astronauts are trained to be able to move in space, which is done on the Precision Air Bearing Platform (PABP). This platform utilizes the principle of hovering to simulate a similar environment and train the astronauts.

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