The O-Wing

How do scientists perform experiments?

Understanding on how to conduct science experiments is crucial for understanding how knowledge is used. Scientists come up with many great ideas to show how things work, but for an idea to become accepted, it has to be tested.

The tool scientists use to test their theories is called the scientific method. Whether you are studying stars, caterpillars or medicines, this method remains the same.

How do you conduct a controlled experiment?

If you have an idea, or a question, you have to be able to prove it and give evidence so that other scientists can check and test your results.

Let's experiment!

Here are the things you need:

(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Plastic Drinking Straws1
Thick Card
Standard size
A4 Paper
Sticky tape
Duct tape (1/2" width)Masking tape
Ruler112 inches-
Scissors1Round edged-

STEP 1: Carefully cut a strip of card to the size 5cm.

STEP 2: Put a piece of sticky tape on the end of the strip. Curl it over so the ends overlap a little and stick down. It helps to tape down the inside of the wing too.

STEP 3: Lay a piece of tape on the table, sticky side up. Stick the straw onto the middle of the tape. Push the wing onto the tape and secure it carefully. 
?Similarly, stick another strip of length 20cm at the other end of the straw.

STEP 4: Centre both wings on the straw carefully like this.

STEP 5: Hold the O-Wing in the middle of the straw.

Throw horizontally and gently:

Well done!!

Let's experiment more!

Perform following modification and record your results.



Hope you had fun, little scientists!


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