Activity Execution

Take a look at the list below and make sure you didn't miss out on anything!
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
A4 paper sheets (white)
4A4 size
Duct tape1½" widthPaper tape
Pencil1Standard -
Round edge
12" length
Board Marker
Any other marker

Let's get started!

STEP 1: Let's first get everything we need..

STEP 2: Let's take a paper and fold it into half (lengthwise).

Once again, this time do it width wise.

The paper would now have 4 sections on it.

STEP 3: Let's cut them out using a scissor/ruler.

Do it for all of your A4 sheets.

STEP 4: Let's take one of the paper piece and put a pencil at the longer side of it and start rolling the paper over it.

STEP 5: Tape it at both the ends and middle so that its secured.

This is called a longeron. We have to make two more longerons repeating the same method.

STEP 6: Let's make battens!

Roll the paper over pencil, but this time put the pencil on the shorter side of the paper piece. 

Let's make 6 battens in this manner.

STEP 7: After making the longerons and battens, take the corner fittings cutout and cut the individual corner fitting and make holes where marked.

Step 8: Take one of the corner fitting and bend it as shown and labelled. Then stick it to one of the sides of a longeron.

Do it for the other side, and then the other two longerons as well.

STEP 9: Next, let's take a long thread and pass it through a corner fitting and a batten.

Repeat the same process thrice.

Tie a knot to the thread with the last corner fitting so that it doesn't move.

STEP 10: Now take another thread and pass it through the unused corner fittings of the same longerons and 3 new battens. 

Tie them up.

STEP 7: Pull the thread where necessary and make adjustments so that the structure can stand on its own.

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