Activity Execution

Let's begin

Here's what you would need.

(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Pipe piece
324" length - 1/2" diameter 
Pipe piece12" length - 1/2" diameter 
Tee joint1180° 
Board Marker
Chart Paper
A4 size
Small, round edged
12 inches
Duct tape
½ inch width
Any other tape
 Empty plastic bottle 1 0.5/1/1.5 L-

Step 1:

  • Divide the paper horizontally into half.
  • Draw a line at the center of the paper.

Step 2: 

  • Draw a circle using the tape roll at the upper portion of the paper.
  • Draw a horizontal line of 3 inches in length .

Step 3: Draw a vertical line of 2 inches on the center point and join it to the two edges of the horizontal line to create a triangle.

Step 4: Cut the paper into half on the line we drew in 'Step 1'.

Step 5: Let's cut the triangular and circular parts out.

Step 6: 

  • Take one of the straw, put it at the end of the paper and start rolling it until the whole paper is consumed.
  • Remove the straw and secure the paper roll with a tape.

Step 7: Pinch either one of the sides of the rolled paper and bend it over. Then tape it.
We want to block either one of the openings so that the air can not escape through both ends of the rocket.

Step 8: Mark a center point on the circle and draw a line from this point to any point on the circle.

Step 9: Cut on the drawn line and bend one the sides out. Then overlap it to the other side to turn it into a cone.
We want our rocket to have a pointy nose so that it can cut through the air easily.

Secure it with a tape.

Step 11:

  • Take out a piece of tape.
  • Make a loop out of it.
  • Stick it to the top of the rocket body (pinched end).

Step 12: Attach the fins to the rocket body.
Fins help to maintain stability during the flight.

Making of Launcher!

Step 13: Join the two 24" pipe pieces using an elbow joint.

Step 14: Attach Tee joint at one of the end of the 24" pipe.

Time to take our first flight!

  • Insert a straw at the open end of the rocket body.
  • Hold the straw in your hand and blow in it to see the rocket launch into space!

Test Report

Let's prepare a test report for our rocket.
To do so, go to the 'Resources' tab and get the 'Test Report' printed.

Let's find the range, our rocket can fly to!

Want to try a different type of rocket?

Try NASA's young engineer rocket! [2]

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