Activity execution

Let's make one for ourselves!

Here are the things that you would need.

(Black plastic dustbin carry bag should be cut into single plastic sheets).


Paper cutter is not to be used in the absence of an adult.

(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Broom Sticks3012” - 20”-
Paper clips8-1015mm-20mm-
Cardboard piece112” x 12”-
Trash bag 30L - 40L capacity-

Let's get started!

STEP 1: Take two broom sticks and tape them together by putting tape on top, middle and end of it as shown.

STEP 2: Look if your stick is strongly put together. If not, cover it with more tape. Do it with all the straws, make 8 sticks such as in the picture.

STEP 3: Arrange those sticks to form a square.

Remember not to leave gaps between the Sticks.

STEP 4:  Now attach two 1 inch each piece of tape under both your sticks and place one edge of the tape on the other edge.

STEP 5:  Bring your Cardboard box and unfold it and cut it to the length of your square.

STEP 6: Take the square and tape it to Cardboard, just like in the picture.

STEP 7: Take two new sticks and stick their ends together with tape, so they form a roughly 30-degree angle.

Do the same on another pair of sticks.

STEP 8: Tape the two ends of the triangle made above to two parallel edges of our Square Cardboard. 

After completing the previous step, your triangle will stand up like this!

STEP 9: Do the same to the other triangle.

STEP 10: Poke holes in the tape by which we connected our triangle and place a long stick between them.

STEP 11: Place your trash bag over the stick stand.

STEP 12: Let the Paper Clippers hold the trash cover to the stick stand. It will look like this at the end. 

Congratulations on completing your project!

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