Activity Execution

Let's get started!

We are now going to make a car powered by rubber bands! Here is what you need:

(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Popsicle Sticks6Standard size-
Bottle caps4Standard/ soft drink bottle caps-
Rubber Bands5--
Drinking Straw1--
Barbeque Stick2--
Elfy1100gmSuper glue/GMSA

Great job! 

STEP 1: Take five popsicle sticks. Join four of the end of the sticks to end and a fifth one on top.

Be careful while using the glue gun!

STEP 2: Cut a piece at the middle of the bottom stick. 

STEP 3: Take another popsicle stick and place two cuts at both ends. 

STEP 4: Paste the small piece on the top stick vertically. Attach two more popsicle pieces parallel to the top stick as support.

STEP 5: Cut small pieces of the straw. Attach the pieces on the top stick and bottom stick, both parallel to the sticks. 

STEP 6: Pass barbeque sticks through the straws at the top and bottom. Attach bottle caps on four ends of the sticks to make the tires of your car.

STEP 7: Attach two small pieces of sticks at the bottom stick perpendicular to it. 

STEP 8: Put rubber bands around the wheel. Stretch the rubber band from the top popsicle stick to the bottom sticks at the bottom. 

STEP 9: Move the car back and forth to wrap the rubber band around the bottom stick. (In this step, you are storing elastic potential energy in the car). 

Great job! Leave your car and watch it go! 

Give it a read!

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