What is Energy?

Energy simply is the “ability to do work”. Everything around us exists in some form of energy. It is how things change and move. Energy enables us to move, cook food, drive to school, and jump in the air.

Different types of energy

Energy exists in different forms in this universe. The wind blowing your hair, sunlight touching your face, and even when you are standing is energy in different forms. But today we will learn about three very important types of energy: Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, and Elastic potential Energy.

Let's take a look at Kinetic and Potential Energy

Have a look at how these two energies interchange!

Elastic Potential Energy

Have you ever wondered why a rubber band comes back to its original shape when you stop stretching it? It can do this because while you are stretching a rubber band, it is storing energy in its molecules. That energy is Elastic Potential Energy. The same thing happens when you press two ends of spring together and put the spring under stress.

Do you know?

From the point the universe was created till now, the amount of energy in the universe is the same! So your body is made up of stars and other planetary bodies because when they destroyed the energy in them changed into other forms and reached here to make you!

Law of Conservation of Energy.

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