Activity execution

Let's get Started!

Here's what you need.

MaterialsQuantityDimensions/Size/Weight (if applicable)Alternative (if applicable)
Hard transparent plastic bottle. 600 ml (recommended)-
Straws 2
Balloons4Party balloons
Sticky tape, masking tape or electric tape1
Rubber Bands2
Play-Dough/Modelling Clay.1 packet50 gramsWheat Paste
Paper Cutter1

 A person breaths approximately 20,000 times in one day!

Yes, we have never realized that!

Step 1: Mark two points on opposite sides at the open end of the bottle and make tiny holes in them to pass the skewer.

Looks neat!

Step 2: 

  • Insert one of the duct tape at the edge of the bottle.
  • Wrap the balloon (bottom side) on the bottle at the open end like this.  Secure it with tape. This balloon represents the diaphragm.

Remember to tie a knot on the balloon so that no air can leak out of it.

Tape it nicely!

Step 3: Put the other two straws in the remaining two balloons and attach them using duct tape.

Be careful to tie it tight enough, making it leakage-proof, but not too tight to crush the straw (our goal here is to let the air flow through the straws).

Taking shape!

Step 4: Put the balloons inside the bottle. It should be hanging free and not touching the bottom of the bottle. Seal the cap with glue gun.

These two hanging balloons represent the lungs.
The left side is a bit upwards as lung has two lobes on the left side whereas the right side is a bit downwards as lung has three lobes on the right side.

Step 6: Your lung model is ready!

A breathing lung model.

Pull the diaphragm balloon outwards and see the air being pumped into the lungs. Let it go, and the air comes out of the lungs.

This depicts the 'Inhale' and 'Exhale' motion of lungs.

Perform this step repeatedly to put life in your model!

Why does this happen?

When you pull out the diaphragm balloon, it lowers the air pressure inside the bottle. This pulls in air from outside, allowing the balloon at the top "the lung" to inflate!

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