Activity Execution

Let's get started!

Here is what you need:

(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Cardboard piece 
(Place your hand on the cardboard and mark an outline. Cut out on the outline)
Cut from a 10” x 5” cardboard piece
Another cardboard piece
10” x 2”
Single hole puncher
Thumb pins
Cotton thread
1 spool
Paper cup
Any size
Any size
Paper pin

STEP 1: Take one of the cardboard and mark it into two halves.

STEP 2: You can either draw a hand or sketch your own!

Yes, all my fingers are of the same length!

STEP 3: Use a marker and make it look prominent.

STEP 4: Cut the piece of the hand-drawn. Be very careful with the use of scissors!

Looks neat!

STEP 5: Place the scale 1 inch down the first finger and bend it gently.

Do this for all the fingers.

STEP 6: Another bend. Another inch below.

Till it looks like...

A human hand. Try and compare it with your own hand to see if it is perfect.

STEP 7: Take markings on the straw.

8 pieces of length 1/2 inch each. Takes a while!

STEP 8: You can either use tape or glue gun (under an elder's guidance) to stick the straw to the fingers.

STEP 9: Count 8!

STEP 10: Take the other cardboard and cut a small strip (2 inches approx.) according to the size of your hand.

This is how you need to bend it.

STEP 11: Tape/glue it to the cardboard. This will act as your hand support. You can check the size by carefully letting your hand in it.

STEP 12: Pass the thread through straws of one finger.

STEP 13: Cut and tie a thumb pin at one of the ends.

STEP 14: Insert your hand in through the hand support and tie a loop around your pinky finger. Then remove your hand.

STEP 15: Do this for all the fingers and make loops at the user's end.

And here is your robot hand!

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