Why do we need to design robots?

Most of the robots in the world are designed for heavy, repetitive manufacturing work. They handle tasks that are difficult, dangerous or boring to human beings. The most common manufacturing robot is the robotic arm. It can be designed to perform any desired task such as welding, gripping, spinning etc., depending on the application.

A robotic hand, especially one with multiple fingers, is necessary for conducting various tasks in daily life. It is not only used as a hand of a humanoid robot but also used as a prosthetic hand.


A disc or short cylinder that fits closely within a tube in which it moves up and down against a liquid or gas to start a motion.

Industrial robotic arms consist of pistons that can lift heavy loads. And since we don't want to lift very heavy loads, we can deploy a simple pull mechanism to control our robot.

Last modified: Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 11:50 PM