Activity execution

Let's begin

Here are the things you need:

(if applicable)
(if applicable)
Glue gun - 2 glue sticks
Tongue depressors
Standard size
Ice cream sticks
More books!
Two tables to place your bridge between them

Few things to note of before we start:

  1. Warning – The hot glue gun runs off mains electricity, which is dangerous. Always have adult supervision when using electrical appliances.
  2. Warning– The hot glue gun gets VERY HOT. Handle with care and wear gloves. Keep it away from any flammable surfaces. Always have adult supervision when using a hot glue gun.
  3. Start by plugging in the Hot Glue gun and letting it heat up with a stick of hot melt glue in it. When the glue becomes hot, it becomes soft and runny, and it can be used to stick things together.

STEP 1: Put a small blob of the melted hot glue on one side of one corner of a popsicle stick and stick another stick on it.

STEP 2: Wait about 10 seconds so that the glue cools down and becomes solid, then attach the third stick with hot glue like this.

STEP 3: Now continue attaching more sticks by following the pictures below.

And more...

You will need to make 2 of these. They are called trusses!

STEP 4: We’re going to use some books to hold the two trusses upright so that we can attach them together. Make sure the gap is less than the length of one Popsicle stick!

STEP 5: Now start attaching the popsicle sticks to the top with hot glue like this.

STEP 6: Add more sticks to build a frame.

STEP 7: Now that we have a good base, we can start crisscrossing more sticks to make a good solid flat plane.

Your bridge should now look like this.

                                                  STEP 8: Put the bridge upside down. 

Attach the sticks like this.

STEP 9: Your bridge should finally look like this.

STEP 10: Stress Test using Books!

Show us your work!

Send snaps of your models for review at:

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