Mission Outlines
• Differentiate between kinetic & potential energy.
• Demonstrate how one form of energy is converted into other form of energy. 
• Identify that energy is dissipated in atmosphere. 
• Explain that energy is conserved during conversion of different forms of energy. 
• Explain the importance of energy in improving the quality of life. 
• Identify energy converters in their surroundings. 
• Illustrate energy conversion to other forms using an energy converter.

Astronaut's Summit

Astronauts! You have been summoned here today for a very important announcement:

There is a complex Engineering problem our engineers are facing in the world's first human-led Mission to Mars program. And they need your help to have this problem solved.

Go through this lesson. Design and create your lander and share it in the responses section you'll find at the end. 

NASA Commander-in-Chief

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