Activity Execution

Let's get going!

First, get your stuff.

My tools!

Take a look at the table below and make sure you have the right material.

(if applicable)
(if applicable)
4 skewers stacked together using rubber bands
Rubber band
Cardboard tube
Length = 10cm
Single hole puncher
Cotton ball
1” dia (approx.)
Table tennis ball/crumpled paper ball

Step 1: Take one of the cardboard tubes and draw the line at the centre like this. Then cut through the drawn line.

Draw a line!
Cut it through.

Step 2: Now roll the cardboard tube that you had cut through and tape at the end to secure it, like this.
Let's call this as cardboard tube A.

See the difference between the two cardboard tubes.
Different sizes of diameter in cardboard tube and cardboard tube A.

Step 3: Take a pencil/marker and mark a point at any of the two sides of cardboard tube A and punch a hole on the marked position.

Mark a point.
Punch a hole.

Step 4: Insert a pencil through the tube and mark a point on the other side. Then punch it.

The final form looks like this!

Pencil passed through cardboard tube A.

Step 5: Now take the other cardboard tube and make a U shape at any side.
Make another one right in front of the previous one.

The other U shape is marked at the backside of the one that is shown in the snap.

Step 6: Now cut only on the straight lines of the U-shape.

Be careful, neither cut the bendy part of the U, nor your finger!

Step 7: Repeat the same process for the U-marking as well and attach a rubber band on either mark like this.

Secure it with a tape!

Attach the rubber band.
Secure it with a tape.

Step 8: Now put cardboard tube A into the bigger cardboard tube, like this.

Step 9: Finally, stretch the two rubber bands on to the pencil and load the launcher with an asteroid at the front.


Launch the asteroid!

Mission: Protect Earth!

rough asteroid is racing towards the Earth. Use your launcher to destroy the rogue asteroid and protect the people on Earth!

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