Program Outline:

Virtual Robotics is an online programming platform that comes in four different levels all connected to one another which brings out the problem-solving capabilities of the course attenders. There is no prior knowledge needed for this course which makes it accessible for all.

It includes drag & drops programming in a 3D simulated environment to solve real-world engineering missions. These missions increase in complexity as you make progress on your own, giving you a chance to self learn. With each mission, new programming blocks are introduced that have a unique function. You can even harness the power of these new blocks to design a more efficient program. A final challenge at the end of each pack is designed to test the skills and knowledge you have learned so far.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Block-based and Python language programming
  • Decision making
  • Problem Solving
  • In-mission mathematical calculations
  • Brainstorming the most effective and efficient path for the robot
  • Time management

Introductory Video:

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