(Age group for this course: 7-11 years)


This is the first lesson of this course, we will take a look at different programming platforms and write our first code! 


  • Active internet connection
  • Laptop/PC

Let's get started

Let's begin with our first and most exciting online programming platform called CoderZ.

CoderZ: May the code be with you!


Let's finally take a look at this ultimate learning tool.

CoderZ (click here)

You will be required to provide a username and password.

No problem, we got you covered!

Username: student100

Password: 123456

Great Job!

By now you're at the Learning Centre and we can start exploring our first online programming platform CoderZ! Take a look at the video below for orientation on CoderZ.

Objective: Clear the first four missions of Adventure Peak!

Things to remember...

  1. Hit the settings icon on the drive forward block to set a specific distance.
  2. Always hit the ï»¿toggle view ï»¿(the map on the lower-left side of simulation screen with black borders) at the beginning of each mission to view the whole environment at once.
  3. Use the trial-and-error approach.

Woah! That was exciting. But the fun is not over yet!

Let's have a look at this cool programming platform (click here).

Select  MAZE 

Do missions 1 - 5


  • play.gocoderz.com
  • blockly.games
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