Your Learning Goals...
1. To be able to keep a track of numbers and compare them in a given mission.
2. Learn different mathematic techniques to figure out your way through the island.
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Recap on the remaining missions of Frozen Island...

In the previous session, we learned about basic arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction to get a number. Then that number determined how far we had to move.

Your role: Sherlock Holmes

We have increased the level of difficulty in this lesson and you might have to divide the numbers to get your way. Think of where can you get the  divisor from, and, for that you need to look around and see other tracks and compare their numbers and sizes, to find one value. 

Think of this number as a thief and yourself as detective 'Sherlock Holmes'. 

So, Mr. Sherlock, pay close attention to the clues around you!

Do you know, Sherlock could smell the clues!

Next, Remember to use the distance tool to find your criminal x.


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Try out some programming skills here.

Instructor: Michael Jackson


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