Your Learning Goals..

1. Learn the importance of 'wait block' while crossing a complex bridge.
2. Experiment with different values in a wait block to find the effects on the robot.

Recap of the previous session:

We used a data and movement drawer in the last session, however, the strategy for this session has changed a bit. Find out why, below!

Let's get started!

New concepts

  1. One new feature that is being introduced here is called the 'wait block'. It allows the robot to wait for some time before moving ahead.
  2. The purpose of using a 'wait block' is to let a bridge part connect itself to the other parts and a path is formed. Without this block, many important operations are not possible to run.

It's time to go on missions!

Let's complete the missions of blockly games.

Don't worry if these missions get tougher as you move ahead. It is also because you are getting better!

This command is called delay function. It helps to wait for 1000 milliseconds before executing the function. This function is useful in the work in factories where stopping the operation for some time is needed. Take the example of a cake factory, the cupcakes move after 1 second under the chocolate injector, if the chocolate injector will not wait for that time to inject it will fall on the tray track that is moving forward constantly.

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