Your Learning Goals...

  1. Understand the basics of a computer programming language.
  2. Learn the interface of CoderZ and write your first computer program.
  3. Using the metre as a formal unit to measure perimeter
  4. Read and calculate distances on a map.
  5. Solving length related problems. 
  6. Learn the use of different navigation controls.



This is the first lesson of this course, we will take a look at different programming platforms and write our first code! 

Let's get started

Let's begin with our first and most exciting online programming platform called CoderZ.

CoderZ: May the code be with you!


CoderZ (click here)

Great Job!

By now you're at the Learning Centre and we can start exploring our first online programming platform CoderZ! Take a look at the video below for orientation on CoderZ.


Clear the first four missions of Adventure Peak!

Things to remember...

  1. Hit the settings icon on the drive forward block to set a specific distance.
  2. Always hit the toggle view (the map on the lower-left side of the simulation screen with black borders) at the beginning of each mission to view the whole environment at once.
  3. Use the trial-and-error approach.

Woah! That was exciting. But the fun is not over yet!

Let's take a look at this cool programming platform (click here).

Select  MAZE 

Do missions 1 - 5


  • play.gocoderz.com
  • blockly.games
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