Cutting, Copying, Pasting, and Compiling videos and images.



In this class, students will understand the interface a little better and will begin learning how to import and export media files, edit videos, and images.


The student will be able to cut, copy, and paste images and videos. They will also be able to learn how to import and export images and videos they want to edit on Filmora.


  • The class will begin with a brief introduction of the interface of Filmora with explaining the basic tools in Filmora that will be discussed
  • The students will then be taught how to import a media file by importing a video and image from their computer (which will be provided to them via a google drive) on Filmora. 

  • The students will be shown how to cut, copy, paste, and compile images and videos on Filmora.

  • The class will be asked to perform the tasks shown in class on their own to see if they have grasped the concept

  • At the end of the class, the students will be given a recap and will have to complete a challenge of editing a video using all the tools they have learned before the next class.

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