Introduction to Filmora and Qriosity Tech



The first class will make sure that the student understands what the course is going to be about and understand how Filmora will be useful for them. They will be introduced to QriosityTech and how to have access to their course material.


The student will have Filmora downloaded, a general understanding of the interface, and will make their accounts on QriosityTech and have access to their course material.


  • Introduction of the instructor and spend 60% of the class time understanding and getting to know the students.
  • Discussions will be based on what games the students play if they have used an editing app before, why they are interested in learning how to video edit and what they plan to use it for.

  • The students will be shown QriosityTech and how to use the website for their course and what they will be required to do for the course period such as completing the activities and watching the videos.

  • If students haven’t installed Filmora, will show them how to download it or use the video on QriosityTech after the class is done.

  • There will be a general overview of Filmora but more details will be shared in future classes.

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